Podcasts & Mixes


Drums for the King of Wakanda

I wanted to do something different here...

As one of Africa's many dispersed children, imagining what a fictitious, hyper modern African republic might sound like was something I had been doing for years. I wanted to place Wakanda within the context of the Africa of post-colonial pan-Africanist consciousness and give it meaning to those of us removed from our motherland by thousands of miles and dozens of generations.

This was in the Gold Room at ESL......Deep House and Bass Vibes......It was lit AF. 


BTL has become a legendary thing here on Friday nights in DC.  This is just a taste...

I Live With My Music 

Sometime you just wanna dance around the house in your socks...

Lovers Unrequited Part 2

This is was a slow, sexy mix live from the notorious Den of Thieves on a Friday night. 

F.G.B.D. (for God's Brown Daughters) 

Because black girls are magic and melanin is lit. Get into it.